Thursday, February 4, 2010

My office, the upstairs of the "Garden House"

With windows on three sides, this 100ft2 space is just perfect for me, sunny and toasty warm with the wood stove downstairs and the stovepipe beside me. This is the first time in my almost 30 years of being self-employed, working from my home, that I had a separate building to go to. It makes a huge difference! We are off the grid, so I don't waste power; instead of having my computer on all the time like I used to, it gets shut down unless I am on it. So I spend a lot less time on it. Amazing life still goes on when I don't read email 20 times daily. But now, not only I have to power up the machine, I have to put on my snow boots and walk 100ft. to my healing centre across the garden. So for the first time, I have have a sense of "going to work" or "going home from work". When I lived in the mansion of Mysthaven the distance down the hall from my kitchen to my office was not much less than the distance now to my garden house, but it was way too easy to saunter down the hall and sit at my desk. Now I am more intentional about work vs. play time. I love it!

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  1. What a beautiful space to unleash your inner creativity and become one with nature and yourself!