Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Magic Carpet!

So many people I know are feeling scared and uncertain because of all the bed news about the economy we keep hearing about. Sales are down for many businesses in every sector; of course this means it is a great time to buy items where prices are lower than usual. So, I have done my part to stimulate the economy this week by purchasing this handmade wool rug, for a decent price. I can amuse myself for decades by contemplating the colours and patterns of a Persian Carpet; it's like a relaxing meditation for me. My husband and I walked into the showroom at different times since he had some errands to do, so he dropped me off first. I got to see him walk in and immediately gravitate towards the same carpet I had picked... or rather been picked by. So we figured it was meant to be that one of us will have it. It's in my office right now and we are bantering back and forth about the "oversized used moth-eaten prayer rug" and who should have custodial rights over it. Clearly we'll have to go again to buy another for his office because this one just matches the colour scheme of my office too perfectly to leave! : ) M

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