Sunday, February 8, 2009

Truth and Love: The Daily Bread of Life

Multigrain Artisan Seed Bread

I read a bunch of recipes for inspiration, then created my own. I make dough in bread machine, then shape, rise and bake in the oven.
Add liquids to machine first:

2 eggs
1 bottle (12oz) dark beer, warm
2T blackstrap molasses
2T olive oil

2 cups white bread machine wheat flour
2 cups of other flours (I did 2/3 cup each of barley, brown rice and spelt flours)
1 cup rolled oats
3T ground flax seed
1.5 t sea salt
2T brown sugar

When dough cycle is complete, remove from pan, punch down and add other seeds:

3T pumpkin
3T sunflower
3T sesame

Form into rolls or 2 small loaves. Cover with tea towel and let rise to double size. This takes a longer time with multi-grain. I sat the baking pan on top of the pot of steaming water that sits on our wood stove. Just for fun I slashed my loaves with words: Truth and Love. We were pleased with the rich taste of this hearty bread. I did these free-form but next time will try in loaf tins to compare.

Truth and Love

The process of creating awesome results in any area of life is to keep holding the vision of the optimum final result. Then take action and review the results of that action. Make adjustments and observe the effects of those changes.

I am determined to create an outstanding artisan bread. Each time I take action, I can try new possibilities and watch what happens. The process of creating is all about Love and Truth, as far as I can see. First, you need to love something enough to put your life force behind it. Then, as you take action towards your intended result, you need to tell yourself the truth, all along the way, about the results you are generating with your actions, and the truth of your passion, your caring, your love, for the outcome or vision you are working towards.

What do you love enough to give your attention and energy towards? What results do you care enough about creating? Are you willing to be in truth with yourself about it, so you are empowered by the Law of Attraction to bring it into your life?

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